Global Trade Tensions: Former French PM: Trade war has broad impact
Updated 13:41, 05-Jun-2019
Former French Prime Minister Dominique De Villepin says the trade war started by U.S. President Trump has a broad impact on the global economy. He also doesn't agree with Trump's approach to resolving trade disputes.
DOMINIQUE DE VILLEPIN FORMER PRIME MINISTER OF FRANCE "I think that the trade war might affect everybody. This is the problem and that's why we are all concerned by the situation. The decision of President Trump to go ahead with the trade war will leave an effect on the United States. Any kind of isolation, nationalism, protectionism is creating such a situation which is not favoring globalization. And we might see the consequences on the growth in every different region of the world. That doesn't mean we cannot override the difficulties. And of course, our main object should be to try to convince President Trump's administration that this is not the best way to solve the differences, neither between the U.S. and China, neither between the U.S. and Europe and the rest of the world. President Trump considers that every single competitor in the world might be a rival or a strategic enemy. And that explains some of the decisions he has taken recently, for example, with Mexico, with the EU, because he believes in the case with the EU that Germany and many other European countries are big competitors in the car industry or heavy machinery and other sectors."