Bill Gates: China’s aid to Africa is a prime example of “creating a shared future”
As world elites gather in Davos to discuss how to “create a shared future in a fractured world”, Bill Gates says China’s commitment to Africa is serving as a prime example. 
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, founded when Bill was the world’s richest man, has cooperated with China on quite a few public health projects in Africa, and witnessed China’s supporting efforts in there. 
When asked about his understanding of the “creating a shared future” theme, which is similar to  the idea of “creating a common future” mentioned by Chinese President Xi Jinping last year, Gates said the president’s speech was the most important one at the conference. 
In his speech, President Xi said China is pursuing common development through opening-up. “China’s development is both domestic and external oriented; while developing itself, China also shares more of its development outcomes with other countries and peoples.”
“People are still talking about how China is opening up and sharing its experiences while continuing to develop very rapidly,” said Gates. 
According to Gates, China’s got a lot of expertise in agriculture and health, which could be very valuable to Africa. He also said he’s looking forward to attending the coming Forum of China and Africa in September. “The president has made the relationship with Africa a top priority,” said Gates.

Investment opportunities in China

As a successful businessman, Gates also shared his ideas about the promising sectors in China: Software, digital, public health, agriculture and education.
“China’s joined the US being a very innovative country,” said Gates, citing China’s “amazing” development in software and digital area. 
Public health is another sector Gates has high expectations for. “China has to provide health for 1.4 billion people. So we have to do it in an innovative way.” He said the Gates Foundation is willing to work with China in the research and development of world-class and affordable medical and health products.