HK adviser submits proposals in CPPCC session in Beijing
By Wu Guoxiu
Lee Wai-king attended the annual session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in Beijing as a first-time political adviser from Hong Kong. CGTN reporter Wu Guoxiu followed her to see how she's getting her ideas across. 
Lee has to review her proposals and make sure her speech is brief and to the point. At one point, she discovered that Premier Li Keqiang's government work report had a similar idea to the one she was going to propose.
Lee said, "One proposal I would like to put forward is to set up a one-stop platform for Hong Kong people doing business in the mainland. A lot of people come to us saying there are too many departments to go through, the process is very complicated. I'm glad to see the work report has a similar objective for this year."
But she didn't get a chance to talk at every meeting. Advisers in her panel on Hong Kong were so active that organizers could only let them queue for an opportunity to make an address. Still, Lee spoke for as long as possible, and carefully noted her fellow members' responses.
"I think my suggestions were well received. Yesterday due to the time limitation, I raised three main points, such as short-term measures to help Hong Kong people find it more convenient to stay. Together, we presented 31 proposals. Because of the time limitation, I could not present them all. I can present the submission to the relevant department and wait for their answer or further communication,” she said.
Lee and her fellow members from the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong also want to spread their ideas through the media, especially through local outlets.
She says she plans to share with the Hong Kong public her observations on how China's political system works. 
"I would like to bring the work report down there, and let them know our country is going well. With all the challenges ahead, we're still going well."
Many advisers on her team discussed how to better involve Hong Kong in the country's development. As a political adviser, Li hopes to help make progress down to the smallest details.