Expo's Final Preparations: 30-day countdown to 2019 Beijing Intl. Horticultural Expo
Updated 12:10, 02-Apr-2019
We are 30 days away from the grand opening of the 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition. CGTN's reporter Liu Yang talked to architects and designers from different countries and their inspirations of the design.
The countdown is on. In 30 days, this venue will host the biggest horticultural expo in the world. 16 million visitors are expected to visit the site. As pavilion construction reaches its final stage, it has gradually shown up its inspiration of the design.
LIU YANG BEIJING "Behind me is the International Pavilion. The organizers say this is a green and low power-consuming building. At the top of the building, design work of more than 90 petals act like an umbrella. They are used for sunshade, photovoltaic power generation, and rainwater collection. At night, each of the LED lights will show off different colors. It's kind of like the magical world of AVATAR in the movies. During the exhibition, there will be many international horticultural competitions held in there."
The expo's theme - "live green, live better". Experts say it will demonstrate people's common desire for a green lifestyle and help humankind adapt to, respect and integrate into nature.
NARMIN JARCHALOVA, DIRECTOR AZERBAIJAN PAVILION "Through art, we wanted to create an interesting scene, so that people will understand the power of nature through art. Through the walking space, you can see the map of silk road, our country is located there, is one of the big supporters of BRI." 
KHIN HTAY KYWE, DESIGNER MYANMAR PAVILLION "This is a Myanmar architect cultural design. This is the last time dynasty of Mandalay. Outside material is made by hand, inside we had Myanmar products."
SHIGEKI TAKAHASHI, SUPERVISOR HAKONE UEKI LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD "Through the combination of buildings and courtyards, the mountains surrounding the district of Yanqing perfectly fits the current design. The traditional Japanese courtyard design is also in it."
The Expo will last 162 days, showcasing about 1,200 types of plants from over 100 countries and international organizations to groups and guests from around the world. Event organizers say this time, it's not just about the gardening, it is about the fusion of culture and emphasizing the importance of ecological protection. The expo runs from April 29th to October 7th. Liu Yang, CGTN, Beijing.