Foreign Ministry outlines consular services work for 2018
By Su Yuting
The Chinese Foreign Ministry's department of consular affairs outlined measures to promote consular work in 2018 at a press conference on Wednesday. 
Director-General Guo Shaochun said China has been promoting facilitation of personnel exchanges with other countries. 
He also said that China would reduce the cost of both civil and commercial consular legalization for Chinese citizens at embassies and consulates stationed abroad, adding that China was looking to introduce a more convenient passport application system for Chinese nationals based abroad.
"Safeguarding the safety and legal rights of Chinese agencies and nationals abroad is one of our top priorities in 2018. We will continue to make efforts to help Chinese nationals abroad and to vigorously strengthen our precautionary services," he said. 
"We will continue to train our staff and further improve our consular protection mechanism and capacity. We will come up with new ways to provide warnings for Chinese nationals abroad in cases of emergency, through various platforms such as the China Consular Affairs' website, our WeChat ID and Weibo account, so we can provide important information for the public and to release prompt safety alerts."