Trump's UK Visit: US president will meet Queen Elizabeth II and PM May
Updated 09:41, 04-Jun-2019
In a break with diplomatic convention, U.S. President Donald Trump has voiced support for contenders to replace UK Prime Minister Theresa May. This is ahead of his three-day state visit to the UK beginning on Monday. He will meet Queen Elizabeth II and have talks with May during the visit. CGTN's Richard Bestic reports.
Protesters turned out in their thousands the last time the U.S. President visited Britain. Something similar anticipated by critics this time round. With even the Trump Blimp taking to the air once again. As the President's travel's rarely touched the ground on his 2018, it's thought he missed most of that. He is though said to have loved Britain's famous pomp and ceremony. Expect government ministers to be on the edge of their seats none-the-less.
ALAN DUNCAN UK FOREIGN OFFICE MINISTER "He's a controversialist. He's unorthodox. And so he has some virulent opponents. He's also got some supporters and of course the affection for the United States as a country transcends the fact that it is just the president who is coming."
Already the President has taken sides in Britain's election for a new leader, once Prime Minister Theresa May leaves Downing Street next Friday. Talking up Brexit hardliner Nigel Farage and the lead candidate for the Prime Minister's position, former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.
DONALD TRUMP US PRESIDENT "Nigel's a friend of mine. Boris is a friend of mine. They're two good guys. Very interesting people."
Pressing Britain on its relationship with Huawei could be another controversy – the British considering the Chinese communications giant for a non-core role in its plans for 5G and President Trump banning it in the U.S. as a security risk.
RICHARD BESTIC LONDON "Ultimately, this State Visit is all about the British Royal family's endorsement of President Trump. He'll have lunch and a massive banquet with the Queen. There'll be afternoon Tea with Prince Charles, heir to the British throne. Just one omission from the Royal front line – the only American in their ranks, the former Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, who married the second son of Prince Charles. She is on maternity leave and is excused from meeting the President. Reportedly, the pair have history. Richard Bestic, CGTN, Buckingham Palace, London."