In the past five years, the proportion of good air quality days in Chinese cities at the prefecture level and above reached 86.5 percent; In the past ten years, the day number of heavy pollution in China's main cities has decreased by 87 percent, and the proportion of fine water bodies has reached 84.9 percent. How do you evaluate the achievement of China's ecological protection in recent years?
China's GDP has grown rapidly over the last five years, while energy consumption per unit of GDP has fallen by 8.1 percent, and carbon dioxide emissions fell by 14.1 percent. How will you evaluate the effort that China has made on energy conservation and emission reduction as the biggest developing country in the world?
In recent years, China has consistently emphasized the philosophy that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets and do not seek economic growth at the expense of the environment. Do you agree or disagree?
Do you agree that respecting, accommodating, and protecting nature can benefit the high-quality economic and social development?
A good eco-environment is the most equitable public good and offers the most inclusive well-being. Governments should accommodate people's needs for a good quality of life and improve the environment. Do you agree or disagree?
China sees humans and nature as one community. All countries must work together to address environmental protection and governance. Do you agree or disagree?
From July 1, China will adopt stricter standards for vehicle emissions, and prohibit the production, import and sale of vehicles that do not meet the 6b stage of the National Phase VI Motor Vehicle Standards. What is your evaluation of China's step-by-step measures to reduce energy consumption and emissions?
In recent years, China has shared its environmental management experience with the rest of the world in a variety of areas, including desert management, meteorological observation, and green agriculture. What is your evaluation of China's effort?
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