Do you think the debt ceiling crisis of the U.S. federal government can be properly resolved within the deadline?
Since 1960, the U.S. debt ceiling has been raised more than 70 times from $293 billion to $31.4 trillion. Do you think the U.S. economic problems can be fundamentally solved by simply raising the debt ceiling?
The debt issue has become a partisan tool in the seesaw battle between Democrats and Republicans over how to resolve the debt default. Do you agree?
The U.S. government has been repeatedly at risk of debt default, what do you think of the U.S. national credibility?
If the U.S. defaults, the U.S. unemployment rate and borrowing costs will soar, and the banking sector may be hit by a new round of financial "tsunami," further deepening the U.S. recession. Do you worry about that?
Do you think the dollar's status as the world's main reserve currency will be weakened by the repeated risk of default?
If the U.S. defaults, global financial markets could suffer a shock, which would bring disaster to developing countries and global economic stability. Do you worry about that?
As the last barrier to ensure the healthy development of the U.S. economy, the debt ceiling has been repeatedly hit by the U.S., exposing the loopholes in the existing U.S. political system and the lack of regulatory capacity of the U.S. government. Do you agree?
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