Hong Kong SAR announces suspension of amendments to fugitive bill
Updated 21:22, 15-Jun-2019

The government of Hong Kong Special Administration Region (SAR) on Saturday said it would temporarily halt the introduction of an fugitive bill in the wake of public views after riots on Wednesday.

The announcement was made at a press briefing by the SAR's Chief Executive Carrie Lam, saying there is no deadline to the work before the government decides on the next step forward.

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"The government decides to suspend the legislative amendment exercise, restart communication with all sectors of society, do more explanatory work and listen to different views of society," Lam said, adding that the council will halt work related to the bill until "we have done enough communication work and collect enough views on the bill."

"We do not intend to set any deadline," Lam stressed.

The purpose for the amendment, according to Lam, is to safeguard Hong Kong's peace and stability, and ensure that Hong Kong is not a place for criminals to evade legal responsibilities.

Lam told reporters that the government is open to all views concerning the bill but stressed that Hong Kong is a peaceful, dynamic and rational society, and that "people should express their opinion in a peaceful and rational way." Lam also called for the restoration of peace and order in the city.