My Chinese appetite: Gansu Cuisine
Updated 10:24, 26-Jul-2019
Geng Siyuan

Located in northwestern China, Gansu Province shares a few similarities in terms of culinary culture with its neighboring provinces and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. 

We will be introducing two things commonly seen on the tables of Gansu people, as well as the bigger area, northwestern China, noodles and mutton. 

Named after the provincial capital, Lanzhou Beef Noodles are a signature dish in Gansu Province and one of the 10 most famous noodle dishes in China. 

People in Lanzhou enjoy Niurou Lamian (beef noodles) at breakfast. /VCG Photo

People in Lanzhou enjoy Niurou Lamian (beef noodles) at breakfast. /VCG Photo

There are strict criteria about what a typical bowl of Lanzhou Beef Noodles should look like:

The soup should be crystal clear and tea-colored and should have been cooked before breakfast for four to five hours, stewing the beef with condiments. There should be sliced daikon radish to balance the oil, meat, and spices in the dish. The dish should include red chili. Preferably, sliced beef shank should be used. Serve green onions on the side and the dish is complete.

Shaanxi Province, east to Gansu Province, shares the same appetite for noodles, but with variations. To Shaanxi's east, Shanxi Province in northern China, extends the creativity for making noodles dishes.

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The use of mutton is common in many places in northwestern China. Both Gansu and Shaanxi people enjoy a signature dish, "Yang Rou Pao Mo", meaning mutton soaked with buns in soup, as shown in the cover image. 

When it comes to enjoying mutton, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, neighboring all three provinces mentioned above, is without a doubt one of the top destinations you don't want to miss. There are roast lamb, mutton sausage, hot pot mutton. You name it.     

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