HK government strongly condemns Monday's violence

The Hong Kong government strongly condemned the series of serious law-breaking riots that happened on Monday, spokesperson for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government said early Tuesday, after radical protesters threw Chinese national flag into the sea again on Monday evening.

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Protesters blocked roads, causing chaos and violence stretching from several regions in Hong Kong since Monday afternoon. They also attacked and vandalized police stations and the government secretariat, damaged police vehicles and set fires, according to the spokesperson.

The spokesperson condemned the violent behaviors and openly provocative acts, saying the acts are seriously against the central government's authority and are ignoring the rule of law.

"Such extensive disruptions have seriously undermined Hong Kong's law and order, disrupted Hong Kong's economic activities and are pushing the city to the verge of a very dangerous situation," said the spokesperson, reiterating the government's strong condemnation to the violence.