Hong Kong police hope the residents can express their demands peacefully

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR)'s police on Friday gave a briefing to the media on the ongoing protests in the region. 

The police hoped that the residents can express their demands peacefully. At the same time, the police expressed objection to unauthorized public processions due to safety concerns. 

During Friday's press conference, the police also explained about their duties to "preserve public order, public safety".

In the recent Hong Kong protests, some residents were arrested for various offenses including unlawful assembly, assaulting police and possession of offensive weapons. 


With the protests escalating, Hong Kong police face increasing pressure to maintain peace.  A week ago, two policemen were surrounded and attacked by protesters due to their alleged connection with the Yuen Long triads.  

The personal information of over 1,000 police officers has also been leaked into the public domain, and, according to the Hong Kong police, 139 police officers have been hurt in the recent riots.

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