Carrie Lam: No plans to resign, confident in leading Hong Kong out of difficult time  
Updated 22:38, 03-Sep-2019

Carrie Lam, chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), on Tuesday said she will not resign and still has confidence in being able to lead Hong Kong out of its difficult time, after two months of protests. 

"I have never tendered a resignation to the central people's government. I have never even contemplated resigning... The choice of not resigning is my own choice," Lam said at a televised news conference. 

"This is a clear message. The reason behind that is because I think and I believe I can lead my team to lift Hong Kong out of the predicament. With two months of chaos, I understand the situation in Hong Kong is very difficult. We don't know when we can get out of the chaos. But still I have the confidence and responsibility to handle the current situation," she stressed. 


Lam: First goal is to stop violence 

Lam reiterated the priority now is to stop violence and restore peace in Hong Kong while responding to a question from CGTN's reporter Zhu Dan about what future moves the SAR government would take if violence escalates.

"Hong Kong is a legal society. We will use legal means to deal with illegal acts. Besides, conversation is also very important. We will make our best efforts to change the opposing situation between the government and youth. We have suggested the SAR government build a communication platform with people from different backgrounds and with different political views," said Lam. 

"One and two closed-door meetings first, but we promise to go out of communities and talk to Hong Kong residents in the future. Not only me, but also other government secretaries and sheriffs," she said. 


Victor Gao, a current affairs commentator, told CGTN that the top priority now is to restore law and the order in Hong Kong. "Hong Kong needs to defend the rule of law, defend the Basic Law, and defend the 'One Country, Two Systems','' said Gao.

The expert stressed the necessity and importance to use dialogue instead of violence to deal with the current situation.

Lam thanks civil workers' efforts in restoring social order 

Lam said right now Hong Kong is in a difficult situation. But everyone has been dedicated to their posts and made their utmost efforts to restore order in the society and minimize the impact on the residents. Lam expressed her heartfelt thanks to all the civil workers. 

In the past few days, radical protesters severely damaged railways, MTR stations and Hong Kong International Airport.  

Lam expressed thanks to Hong Kong MTR for resuming normal operation within a short period of time, saying it shows the spirit of Hong Kong people. 

People attend a flag-raising ceremony at Wong Cho Bau School in the HKSAR, September 2, 2019. /Xinhua Photo

People attend a flag-raising ceremony at Wong Cho Bau School in the HKSAR, September 2, 2019. /Xinhua Photo

For those passengers who were delayed or stuck in the airport, Lam extended her apology and called on them to continue their business with Hong Kong and have faith in traveling to Hong Kong. 

Monday was the start of school and according to the education ministry, everything went smoothly, said Lam and she expressed her gratitude to all the principals of schools and universities for their considerable preparation. 

Lam said she together with secretary of education met some principals of schools last week. She said the schools have made lots of preparations, and they were willing to communicate with the students to know more about their thoughts.