The Faces: He is more than a friend
Updated 16:37, 14-Oct-2019
Global Stringer
South America;Ecuador

Close cooperation in infrastructure, the economy and technology between China and its partner countries has thrived since the launch of the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013. 

The enhanced ties have helped more foreigners realize the value of working in Chinese companies.

CGTN is sharing personal stories of seven employees of Chinese firms that are based in their own countries.

In the second episode of "The Faces," Hernan Alvarado from Ecuador shares his story of being a technical representative at the Arbolito-Los Chillos bridge and tunnel project in Quito, capital of Ecuador.

The project was launched to alleviate the traffic in Quito. Currently, the city's population is about two million. According to traffic statistics, there are more than 90,000 vehicles that pass through the area every day. It takes about an hour to pass a 3.5-kilometer-long road during peak hours. The government is considering constructing an 800-meter-long bridge and connecting a tunnel of about three kilometers. When completed, it is expected to cut the travel hour by 45 minutes.