China and the world make New Year's resolutions
Global Stringer

Whether new year's resolutions are fashionable or traditional, it is always true that people have their own ways of celebrating the New Year. But looking back on your endeavors or unrealized dreams in the past year, and thinking about taking a step forward in a new and different direction tends to be the theme of all rituals at this time of year.

With the help of our global stringers, we have a chance to hear answers from all walks of life around the globe. There is the young generation that tends to either be enjoying traveling or just getting the first taste of their careers; there are also migrants from Honduras and Germany who have suffered a lot in striving for a better life. “Challenging” and “grateful” are common keywords that crop up in summaries of the year and there is also a hope for a bright future for themselves and, more importantly, the whole world.

We believe that whether it is a moment to cherish or something painful, there are things you will always remember from 2018. With only a few days left before the brand new year, no matter if you're good at achieving your goals, set down your New Year's resolutions and tell us at CGTN about them on our social media platforms.

(Video edited by Zhang Meng)