Garden guardian in wheelchair: 'I live, sleep, dream about plants'

Many years ago, horticulture was not a part of people's daily life and there were no higher institutions to share the joys of gardens with people. 

It was only during the 18th century when some world-class institutions were set up to study the art and science of flowers, gardens and horticulture.

It laid the foundation of the interest and knowledge in horticulture that we possess today.

Nowadays, horticulture means different things to different people.

It is a science on the cutting edge of biotechnology, an art, profession, business, industry, hobby, way-of-life, and therapy for millions of people.

Mark Lane is UK's first-ever garden designer in a wheelchair with a unique perspective on life, landscape design, gardening and art history.

His career as a garden designer is something that happened later in his life after a catalog of misfortunes, which made him think again about his love for gardening. 

"As a child, I used to follow my grandpa around his garden," he said while recalling his early gardening memories.  

"I'm always looking through magazines, read a lot of gardening books. I like to sit within the space for a few moments with my eyes closed. For me it's important. There's a saying and it's very true: 'I live, sleep, dream about plants,'"Lane shared with CGTN.

Garden designing lights the light in Lane's life: "There is a solution for everything, just look at it from a different angle. Being able to share my skills, and my knowledge, and allow them to have a garden that they will then be able to enjoy for years to come. And that's very, very important to me."