Chief director of the 7th Military World Games opening ceremony shares stage details
Updated 14:32, 19-Oct-2019
Bu Yihan

The multiple dimensions seen on the opening ceremony at the 7th Military World Games incorporated the use of large-scale projection technology, integrated with lighting effects and LED displays. The objective was to showcase the vitality of the Chinese culture. And in the end, the show directors were thrilled with the final production.

"I am so excited now, the opening ceremony marks the start of a new era in stage art," said Li Jun, director of opening and closing ceremonies.

"The combination of traditional culture and modern technology was upgraded to a new level. When cauldron was lit, I saw the whole world cheering for us. The Chinese people are so proud, and I feel that all of our endeavors have paid off."

Sha Xiaolan, the visual director of the opening and closing ceremonies explained how the stage was created. "Our whole stage is 20,000 square meters, and we elevated the entire ground 2.5 meters higher to insure that the show flowed. As a result, the shifts in our program are all smooth."

Chief director Yang Xiaoyang said the theme of the ceremony was coordinated with the event's slogan "Military glory, world peace". "For example, when we show our traditional artwork, 'Along the River During the Qingming Festival', the demonstration is gradual and smooth. As for the 'Silk Road' section, I think silk represents harmony and peace, which is also in conformity with the slogan of the event."

"I think the most important thing is that we need to add artistic expression into the show, otherwise it would just be a mechanical procedure. The performance was better than we expected, the whole ceremony was successfully completed and the audience was satisfied," added Yang.