The rosy starling: Cavalry against Xinjiang's locusts
Zhao Ying, Xu Chenlu

With their Mohican hairstyles and pale pink bodies, large flocks of rosy starlings are distinctive in their grassland habitat. They migrate to northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region every summer and raise their fledglings there.

In May this year, a construction project of China First Highway Engineering Company was halted as rosy starlings began breeding at the site. The project was postponed until the end of July when the birds journeyed south.

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Taiga: Guardians of the North

Supervisor: Pang Xinhua

Producer: Zhang Junfeng

Chief Editor: Yang Yan

Director: Zhao Ying

Editor: Zhao Ying, Xu Chenlu

Filmed by: Shao Wenbo

Voiceover: Matthew Arrington Watson

Animation: Zhao Ying, Xu Qianyun

Designer: Yu Peng, Gao Hongmei

Special thanks to Hami Transportation Construction Co.Ltd of CCCC and Hami Locust and Rat Control Office

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