Beijing: DPP attempts to gain in election by banding it with the fraud

A mainland spokesperson Wednesday refuted Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authority over the rumor on "Chinese secret agent", saying it tries to "gain improper election benefit" by banding itself with the convicted fraud and wanted suspect.

Speaking at a regular news briefing on Wednesday, Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office denied mainland's involvement in Taiwan's upcoming leadership election.

The rumor came after some Australian politicians and media claimed that they found a self-proclaimed "former Chinese secret agent" who revealed Chinese efforts to meddle in Taiwan elections and was later confirmed to be a convicted fraud and wanted suspect by the Chinese police.

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Zhu accused the DPP of manipulating the "concocted" story to boost its chances in a looming election, calling the story of "fraud becoming a spy" a "totally absurd, loophole-ridden 'screenplay' concocted by anti-China forces."

As for the so-called Chinese secret agent, Zhu said that the police has already informed the situation and the office has also responded to that.

Viewing DPP's attempt as a political manipulation, Zhu pointed out that their lie has been detected and questioned by many residents in Taiwan.