Rare footage shows wild animals fighting for food

An infrared camera has recorded a fierce battle between a red fox and a group of vultures in the Qilian Mountain National Park, northwest China's Qinghai Province.


The fight broke out over a severely injured blue sheep that fell off a cliff.

So, first at the lunch table was a red fox. But before it could even enjoy its bite, a flock of Himalayan vultures flew in to claim their share.

The vultures quickly reduced the sheep to just bones, keeping the fox out of the feast.

"This is about the ecological niche among the species. It also shows the abundant biodiversity in the Qilian Mountain National Park, which is supported by the rich ecological system," said Lian Xinming, Associate Research Fellow at the Northwest Plateau Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Rare wildlife like the snow leopard, lynx, Pallas's cat and red fox have been captured on camera in the park, exhibiting the favorable eco-environment for these precious animals.

(Editor: Zhu Yingming; cover via VCG)

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