Gentle Monster CEO: Retail driven by humans' 'curiosity'
Updated 18:55, 05-Dec-2019
Global Business

Chinese tech giant Huawei is partnering with Korean fashion brand Gentle Monster to release eyewear that is both high-tech and stylish.

The storm brought by the new fashion item, which is also a smart device, is impacting the future trends. Gentle Monster's chief executive said the combination of technology and fashion gives new experience to consumers.

Hankook Kim, CEO and co-Founder of Gentle Monster, said that crossover between fashion and technology brings more convenience and new experiences. The smart glasses have speakers on both inner sides, so the wearer can listen to music or pick up calls without being noticed by others.

Huawei x Gentle Monster eyewear is not the first of its kind out of the gate, but it is successful. The two companies focus on design rather than tech, as Kim said, "we are sensitive about the face."

It is hard to keep the technology hidden in the glasses. Kim said that while this is a tough process, Gentle Monster always tries to provide a different experience because the brand believes that people are more focused on newness and value. To provide newness to the customer, "we need technology," he added.

At this point, technology is a helpful way of entering into the market.

Meanwhile, Kim sees trends change around the world in retail. A key trend he mentioned is "redefinition". "People may not need the product but (like) the newness because human beings are all about curiosity," he added.