The magic sea buckthorn tree in Mount Siguniang

Most people know the sea buckthorn because of the juice made from its berries. Have you ever wondered what this plant looks like in real life? In their typical habitat, sea buckthorns are mostly dwarf shrubs, but here in Mount Siguniang in southwest China's Sichuan Province, sea buckthorns all stand as arbors. They can be as tall as over 20 meters.

Known as "the King of Vitamin C" for its nutritious fruit, the sea buckthorn is also a guardian of the local environment. The plant can survive in cold and dry conditions even with poor soil. In windy and sandy regions, it serves as a pioneer plant in retaining the water and soil. Therefore, the sea buckthorn tree has been regarded by local residents as a magic tree.

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(Editor: Zhao Ying. Video provided by CGTN Nature film crew.)

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