Beijing: We've always shared the latest information on coronavirus with Taiwan
Updated 19:08, 07-Feb-2020

Beijing on Friday refuted claims that it has been sharing false information with Taiwan on the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, a disease that has claimed over 630 lives.

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We've been sharing the latest information with Taiwan since the day that the virus broke out, based on our top concern for the health and safety of our Taiwanese compatriots, said Hua Chunying, Foreign Ministry spokesperson.

Hua added that Beijing has also been actively communicating with the Taiwanese authorities on the Taiwanese compatriots confirmed with the virus who are currently residing in the mainland.

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According to Hua, the key documents include the mainland's plan for virus diagnosis and treatment, a plan for virus prevention, a guide to common medical preventative products, and knowledge on the DNA sequence of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

In regards to sending "false" information to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Beijing official noted that the Chinese mainland has been giving out the total number of coronavirus cases based off data provided by Taiwan. "If (that information is) wrong, I am afraid that will be because of the Taiwan authorities' deliberate intention."

The island of Taiwan is not a WHO member as the world health committee is a specialized United Nations department made up of sovereign countries.

"The international activities attended by Taiwan will have to be arranged based on cross-Strait negotiations under one-China principle," Hua reiterated during the online briefing.

Beijing guarantees the exchange of coronavirus information between the island and the WHO, Hua stressed.