Fourteen outdoor fresh food markets open in Wuhan
Dai Piaoyi

It's been over a month since the coronavirus outbreak began, and more signs of everyday life pre-coronavirus outbreak are popping up around Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus in China. Fourteen outdoor farmers' markets are now open, selling fresh food and produce. 

Wuhan resident Liu is one of the first customers at a newly opened outdoor fresh food market. He lives in the neighborhood and went to the market after work.  

"The market is convenient. I'm glad I can still buy fresh vegetables close home. I understand the sellers' difficulties. I don't care too much about the price now," Liu said.  

It's not an easy time for vegetable retailers in the still locked-down city of Wuhan. Stall owner Fang used to sell vegetables at the nearby indoor farmers market. The indoor market closed after the coronavirus outbreak last month. Now she has moved her stall to this outdoor market. 

Fang said supplies are sufficient at the local wholesale market with relatively stable prices, but her business is bad. During this special time, not too many people are coming by.  

Vegetable retailer Fang. /CGTN Photo

Vegetable retailer Fang. /CGTN Photo

Fang expressed her worries about the situation in Wuhan: "My husband and I sell vegetables at the market. We meet a lot of people every day. I'm scared about the epidemic too," but the daily disinfection of the market makes her feel safe. 

Liu Qiong is the supervisor of the outdoor market in Wuhan's Hongshan district. According to him, a professional cleaning crew have been invited to thoroughly disinfect the markets every day after the business hour. 

Liu Qiong, the market supervisor. /CGTN Photo

Liu Qiong, the market supervisor. /CGTN Photo

Liu introduced some advantages of outdoor fresh food markets, compared with supermarkets.  

"More fresh air at the outdoor markets. And it's not too crowded here. It's also convenient for local residents. Without public transportation, the supermarkets are a little bit far from the communities," said Liu.  

Liu added that for safety reasons, no more outdoor markets will be allowed to open for the time being in his supervised area.