Wild panda breaks into villager's house in SW China

A wild giant panda broke into a villager's house twice this week in Ya'an City, southwestern China's Sichuan Province. The villager took a video of his special guest.

Li Guanglin, the villager, said the panda came to his house around 10:00 pm on Tuesday and 8:00 pm on Wednesday, and stayed until the next morning. The panda is seen resting in Li's pigsty in the video. The panda looked around after hearing people talking.

"The panda first came at 8:00 pm on Wednesday and my dog barked at it. I took a photo first, but it was quiet and not scared at all. So I went closer and took this video," Li said.

According to the local forestry department, the giant panda must have entered the villager's premises when foraging down the hill. Preliminary judgment from the video shows that the panda is about four years old and in good health.

Ya'an is located two hours southwest of Sichuan's provincial capital Chengdu, on the Sichuan-Tibet highway. Ya'an is home to the Bifengxia Panda Center, which houses more than 60 pandas in the wild and has a breeding facility.

(Cover Photo via VCG)

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