Letters to the Editor: A wonderful lesson in courage
Pierre Mirochnikoff

Editor's note: As China fights against the outbreak of COVID-19, many international friends, including individuals, entities, groups and institutions, have offered their support and blessings to China. This is a letter from Pierre Mirochnikoff, a former board member of the French Chamber of Commerce in China and chairman and CEO of Asia Silk Road Group.

What a wonderful lesson. Nothing is more beautiful than the courage, the will and the surge of solidarity of an entire people.

China, too often decried by a constant bashing of jealous powers, shows in this crisis something that we, the people of the West, no longer know. An amazing unity from President Xi to the hutongs of Beijing and the streets of Wuhan. Men and women deserving respect in the corners of China who are fighting, crossing their limits, crossing the divisions of society. All are united in this immense fight to save our lives.

I would like to greet these thousands of nurses and doctors, more than 1,700 of them who are already infected, going to the bedside of the patients risking their lives. They alerted us, informed us, and have been fighting on the front lines for months, without fearing the disease and without fearing of never coming back. What a lesson of the meaning of courage and dignity.

They fight every minute to save the world. Facing a sneaky enemy who hides for days in your body to contaminate those around you, destroy you and ultimately take your life.

Great men and women from all over China are coming to support Wuhan city and Hubei Province. Knowing that the fight will not be easy, but none has shirked their responsibilities in the face of this challenge. They are only showing enthusiasm and determination.

Tens of thousands of incredibly courageous people have stayed in Wuhan to help build hospital facilities, deliver medicines and protective gear, make meals and deliver them to hospitals. Community workers are now monitoring residents' temperatures, preserving the health and lives of others and bringing food and supplies for the wellbeing of all.

Let us pay homage to the magnificent people who never admit defeat or shrink from effort and difficulties. 

I am proud to be with you, here in China, and in this fight. I am proud of you, the people of China. Thank you people of China, Each and every one of you offers hope and provides an outstanding lesson in courage.

Jia You China (中国加油), Jia You Hubei(湖北加油), Jia You Wuhan(武汉加油).

Pierre Mirochnikoff

Former Board Member of the French Chamber of Commerce in China

Chairman and CEO Asia Silk Road Group

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