Letters to the Editor: The sun is always after the storm
Abdilahi Ismail Abdilahi

Editor's note: As China is fighting against the COVID-19, many international friends including individuals, entities, groups and institutions, among others, have expressed their support and blessings to China. This is a letter from Abdilahi Ismail Abdilahi, a Somali postdoctoral scholar from Wuhan University of Technology in China.

I am a Somali postdoctoral scholar Dr. Abdilahi Ismail Abdilahi from Wuhan University of Technology. There is too much negative news on the internet. Here I would like to share with you our experience during this period of time. I hope we can all face everything positively. The sun is always after the storm!

At the beginning of January, our family traveled to South China's Hainan Province. On the return journey, Wuhan was locked down due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Hainan's capital Haikou also began to implement control measures. 

On January 25, our family of four officially started their quarantine life in Haikou. Because of the overwhelming negative news on the internet, my family kept calling us in the hope that we would return to Somalia.

I told them that although we were unable to return to Wuhan because of the outbreak and were in isolation, we lived well. The Chinese government responded quickly and effectively. The government bears all the costs during the quarantine period and will also provide us with free treatment if we are determined to be infected.  

In addition, the quarantine point takes good care of us and brings us a lot of warmth; so we will not return to Somalia. I believe that China can definitely overcome the outbreak of novel coronavirus.

During this period of outbreak, I saw China's strength; so I have confidence in the future. My wife's cousin who worked in the hospital was transferred to the front line, and explained that if anything happened, his father entrusted my wife to take care of him, etc., which made her sad. He called some time ago, and he has returned to his original post because of medical assistance across the country.  

And my father-in-law, before, we were all worried about what he would do in Wuhan alone, but my father-in-law said that he would go to support the construction of the Leishenshan Hospital, and we all felt particularly proud and assured.

So you see that everything is moving in a good direction. People are brave and optimistic. What else do we have to worry about, stay home hard, thank those who helped us, thank those who struggled on the front line, thank China, thank the Chinese.  I am from Wuhan, Hubei, and I love this place. I hope everyone will love this land as always, thank you!

Abdilahi Ismail Abdilahi


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