Lego CEO confident on Chinese economy, investment will continue

The coronavirus outbreak doesn't change the attractiveness and growth opportunities of the Chinese economy in the long run, so Lego will continue its investment in China, said Lego CEO Niels Christiansen, in an interview with Chinese broadcaster CCTV.

Niels Christiansen said the company will not change its strategy in China, and the company will get through the situation. "We will continue in China like we have been doing, like we are doing. We continue investment, continue building our organization, continue trying to get the Lego brand to many more families and kids in China," said Christiansen.

The CEO also said the Chinese government has introduced a series of sound measures like temporarily closing stores and factories.

"They [The government] have taken very serious measures quite quickly and come up with pretty clear guidelines... We've been following those guidelines and are pretty confident that kind of concrete measures would be a good way to deal with it. "

The Danish toymaker eyes increasing business opportunities and has been investing proportionately in China. It plans to open 80 new stores, increasing the amount of stores in China to 220.

The sudden epidemic has shadowed businesses in China as government announced an extended the Lunar New Year holidays and companies and factories were faced with temporary shutdown, which is part of the prevention and control efforts.  

As new confirmed coronavirus infections greatly dropped in recent days and preferential measures have been rolled out to support business, companies in various of industries have gradually resumed work and production in an orderly manner since Monday.

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