Letters to the Editor: China showed unity in the coronavirus crisis
Updated 12:25, 26-Mar-2020
Christopher McGonnell

Editor's note: As China fights against the outbreak of COVID-19, many international friends, including individuals, entities, groups and institutions, have offered their support and blessings to China. This is a letter from Christopher McGonnell, a British who lives in Shanghai, China.

There certainly have been a great many comments made on the handling of the COVID-19 by China. But maybe now other countries will realize just how well China managed the dire situation it indeed faced, when the virus was first developing. 

I am a foreigner that has lived and worked in China for a number of years. I have seen China grow and develop greatly in that time. However, there have always been many that like to make negative noises and exaggerate what happens in this fine country.

Of course, no one is ever perfect. But as of this time, watching other world leaders trying to handle the exact same problem that China has been dealing with, shows us all just how immense COVID-19 really is.

I am sure that all other countries will overcome this deadly virus eventually, but at what price? China certainly has paid a big price, but it also showed the world, you need to defeat this "as one and all."

This can only happen through the utmost discipline and patience from everyone. Young and old, rich or poor, strong or weak, each country and citizen must stand together as they battle to overcome this unseen enemy.

The world may look back on COVID-19 as the time when China showed everyone how to stand together in a time of crisis.

I congratulate the people of China and the Chinese government for taking bold steps to reduce the impact of COVID-19.

Certainly, we can all agree it's not a perfect outcome, but only time will tell how good it really was. 

Christopher McGonnell 

A British who now lives in Shanghai, China 

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