COVID-19: India starts screening residents in its largest slum
Updated 19:48, 11-Apr-2020

India has dispatched a team of 150 doctors to Dharavi, the country's largest slum located in the financial capital of Mumbai to screen the residents for COVID-19, according to local media reports on Saturday.

The densely populated slum is housing over one million people and 28 cases of COVID-19 with three deaths have been reported so far in Dharavi. 

An earlier report said there had growing concerns over possible outbreaks in the country's slums after its largest slum reported its first COVID-19 case on April 1. 

On Saturday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a virtual meeting with state chief ministers over COVID-19 situation as the country has so far 7,447 confirmed cases and 239 deaths.

India declared a 21-day total lockdown on March 25 that is expected to end on April 14. Local media reported that the country is likely to extend the lockdown for another two weeks. 

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(Cover: People in Mumbai, India, rushed to stock up on essentials following Modi's address, March 25, 2020. /AFP)