China dismisses claim new coronavirus originated at Wuhan lab
Updated 21:19, 16-Apr-2020

China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian dismissed claims that the new coronavirus raging through the world originated at a laboratory in Wuhan in Central China's Hubei Province, where COVID-19 was first reported.

U.S. intelligence and national security officials Wednesday said that the U.S. is looking into the possibility that novel coronavirus originated in a Chinese lab.

U.S. President Donald Trump later on Wednesday also said his government is trying to determine whether the coronavirus emanated from a lab in Wuhan. 

Addressing a daily media briefing on Thursday, Zhao responded that the origin of this new virus is for the scientists and medical experts to find out, and the claim itself is groundless.

"Officials of the World Health Organization have repeatedly said there's no evidence the virus was made in a lab, and many experts have also said the claim lacks scientific ground."

Pledging China's continuous participation in international cooperation, Zhao urged all parties to work together in the battle against the infectious disease.