Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park 1: Busy Rainforest
Updated 14:11, 28-May-2020
By Chen Chen

A group of young people came together from all over China in one place: Yinggeling National Nature Reserve on southern China's Hainan island. They delved into the woods armed with knowledge about wild animals and plants that they learned in college. The rainforest didn't go easy on them and some struggled with the decision to spend their youthful days on this remote piece of land. 

Now, as the nation plans to coordinate conservation efforts and build national parks across the country, Yinggeling faces new opportunities and challenges. 

What are these young people doing in Yinggeling? And as front-line workers, what's on their mind about wildlife protection especially as the country is still combating COVID-19?

National Parks Have Their Say

At the ongoing Two Sessions, topics of wildlife protection have been brought up by both NPC deputies and CPPCC members, as the novel coronavirus was initially believed to be linked to game meat consumption. For people who have been working in national parks, what's on their minds? What do they expect from the discussions in Beijing? How do the experts and NPC deputies respond to their concerns? 

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