Bird's eye view of Jiangxi: Endless treasure among the mountains

Castanopsis sclerophylla is an essential species of evergreen broad-leaved tree in east China and has high ecological and economic value. Every April, Castanopsis sclerophylla flowers carpet the mountains of Dexing, a county-level city in the northeast of Jiangxi Province. No matter looking from above or driving through the highway, the view is stunning.

The genus of Castanopsis has about 120 species, and 58 of them are native to China. The tree posses excellent fire-resistant qualities because of its thick and leathery leaves (which can withstand a temperature up to 425 Celsius and provide a wind barrier). The fruit is similar to the chestnut. Locals often use the fruits to make tofu, noodle and cake.

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(Cover image is a screenshot. Video provided by Dexing Radio and Television Station.)

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