Letters to the Editor: National security law won't affect civil rights
David T.K. Wong

Editor's note: This is David T.K. Wong's letter to CGTN after the implementation of the national security law for Hong Kong.

I am a writer whose family lived in Hong Kong for five generations. I have had nine books published in Hong Kong, Britain and Singapore and the ability to express my opinions freely, honestly and openly is of vital importance to a writer. I cannot see how the new legislation for Hong Kong enacted by the National People's Congress would affect my freedom of expression and my civil rights at all. I, therefore, heartily support the new legislation, to end the violence, lawlessness and chaos which a small minority of rioters and traitors – with the connivance of outside forces and funds – had been inflicting upon the long-suffering and law-abiding citizens of the city for so many months. 

David T.K. Wong, who has degrees in political science and journalism from Stanford University in America, worked as a journalist in Hong Kong, London and Singapore for a number of years before joining the Administrative Service of the Hong Kong Government. After retirement from public service, he published four collections of short stories and two novels, including Hong Kong Stories, Chinese Stories in Times of Change, The Embrace of Harlots and The Evergreen Tea House. His short stories, some of which have earned him a number of awards, have appeared in various magazines in the United States, Britain, Hong Kong SAR and elsewhere in Asia.