Xi Jinping calls for building a solid public health system for people's life

An article by President Xi Jinping on building a solid public health system for protecting people's life will be published Wednesday on the Qiushi Journal, a flagship magazine of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee.

Stressing public health as the foundation of national security, Xi in the article called for cadres to build a solid and sound public health system by comprehensively improving the country's risk prevention and rescuing ability so as to provide strong guarantee for people's health.

The article suggested enhancement of the early detection and warning ability as a priority, and urged relevant departments to improve their monitoring system on public health emergencies and epidemic outbreaks.

It highlighted education and professional trainings for medical staff in order to step up treatment and reaction capability when faced with major epidemic outbreaks.

From a macro prospective, the article pointed out the construction of medical infrastructures such as medical centers and optimization of the mobilization of medical resources are two important aspects.

A lot of experience in epidemic prevention and control has been gained thanks to the fight against the COVID-19, the article said, adding public health, as an overall and long-term issue, should be integrated and considered in all policymaking process.

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Noting the outstanding role traditional Chinese medicine has played in the outbreak, the article also called for more efforts in the research and development of traditional Chinese medicine and the industry as a whole.

It proposed to improve laws and regulations on epidemic prevention, saying a clear, efficient and sound legal system is helpful for protecting public health and encourages the whole society to act in accordance with the law.

Recognizing the supporting role of technology in major epidemic prevention, the article went further to say technology achievements in life safety and bio-safety are core competences that must be grasped in the country's own hands.

Thus, all efforts must be put to strive for breakthroughs on core technologies, the article stressed while suggesting more funds to strengthen points of weakness in life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical equipment.

In terms of international cooperation on healthcare, it noted that China, as the biggest provider for anti-epidemic supplies, should play an active role in the set-up of relevant international standards, norms and guidance so as to enhance its influence in the global health governance system and build a health community for mankind under joint efforts.