How to make a refreshing rose lemonade in the flower kingdom
Updated 13:21, 02-Oct-2020

Yunnan Province has one of the biggest flower markets of the world, and it is known as the flower kingdom. The flowers are not only used in floriculture, but also in food and beverages.

Apart from rose cakes and tea, there is another way to make a rose drink with fresh petals. Fresh picked roses have the best fragrance. 

At Tianxi Rose Garden in Tonghai County, people like to use one of species, the "Chinese red", to make rose lemonade.


- Pick fresh roses.

- Wash the petals and put them on the blender.

- Add juice of half a lemon or 1 tbsp of lemon juice to prevent browning.

- Run the blender in high speed for a few seconds till the mixture becomes pulpy.

- Add honey and run the blender again in low speed.

- Strain the juice, you can use a spoon to press to get all the juice.

- Pour in glasses and serve it with rose cakes.

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