Beijing exhibition showcases ingenious works of 40 international artists
Updated 19:48, 22-Dec-2020
Yang Yan

An exhibition showcasing modern art from around the world opened in Beijing's Today Museum on December 19. CGTN was among the first to get a glimpse of the innovative masterpieces.

From Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama's iconic pumpkin to the image of Ne Zha by Chinese artist Shi Jinsong, the Fun and Fashion Art show features over 40 artworks by 40 top contemporary artists.  

Organizers said they were trying to give visitors an immersive experience. 

Tradition and innovation, trends and technology, the Fun and Fashion Art Show aims to break the boundaries of creation and explore new ways of artistic expression. 

The display has allowed cooperation among artists, musicians, and designers. 

"This year a lot of incredible things happened, it seems impossible. We hope people can express themselves through art," said Jin Dongfang, founder of FAS Space, adding "Although this year brought many difficulties, people had ways to release, explore their imagination and achieve colorful feelings from life."

Artwork 'Ne Zha' by Chinese artist Shi Jinsong. /Today Museum

Artwork 'Ne Zha' by Chinese artist Shi Jinsong. /Today Museum

Chinese artists Shi Jinsong and Wu Silin represent art styles from different generations. 

And they also know the value of amplifying traditional Chinese symbols with contemporary aesthetic influence. 

"I think it is an inevitable trend, but it is not deliberately shaped. This trend, I think, is a natural process," said Shi, adding "In fact I've always been insisting on my own route of work, such as the form of design, to explore our emotions, our desires, and our values." 

Wu said: "We young artists need to present our works to the public, and the trend is what many young people like to see. This is a good platform where we can communicate with each other."

The exhibition runs through March next year. 

(Cover: A picture of artist Yayoi Kusama's iconic pumpkin on December 19. /Today Museum)

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