CSRC supports Chinese telecom firms protecting their rights
Updated 23:05, 03-Jan-2021
China Securities Regulatory Commission's office building lobby. /CFP

China Securities Regulatory Commission's office building lobby. /CFP

The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) firmly supports China's three big telcos in protecting their own rights and interests by means of the law, a spokesperson from the CSRC said on Sunday in a statement.

The response came after the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) announced on Thursday that it would begin delisting China Telecom Corp. Limited, China Mobile Limited, and China Unicom Hong Kong Limited, abiding by an executive order by U.S. President Donald Trump that imposes restrictions on companies identified as "affiliated with the Chinese military".

The spokesperson said the U.S. move "completely ignores the actual situation of relevant companies and the legitimate rights and interests of global investors, and severely undermines normal market rules and order".

And the securities regulator will support China's three big telcos to "protect their own rights and interest by means of the law", and believe that they can properly deal with the adverse effects of administrative orders and delisting measures.

During issuing American Depositary Receipts (ADR) and listing on the NYSE for nearly or more than two decades, the three Chinese companies have always complied with the rules and regulatory requirements of the U.S. securities market and are generally recognized by global investors, the CSRC noted.

Meanwhile, with a large user base, stable fundamentals as well as an important influence in the global telecommunications service industry, the overall scale of the three companies' ADR, however, is small with a total market value of fewer than 20 billion yuan (about $3 billion), according to the regulator. "Even if delisted, the direct impact on the companies' development and market operation is quite limited."

The status of the United States as an international financial center depends on the trust of global companies and investors in the tolerance and certainty of its rules and systems, the regulator stressed.

Unfortunately, some political forces in the U.S. recently have "continuously suppressed foreign companies listed in the United States for no reason at the expense of damaging the global position of the U.S. capital market, which is unwise".

"We hope that the U.S. will respect the rule of law as well as market rules and norms and do more to safeguard the order of the global financial market, protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, and contribute to the stable development of the global economy," the CSRC added.

On Saturday, China's Ministry of Commerce said China will take necessary measures to protect the interests of Chinese enterprises.

Fang Xinghai, vice chairman of CSRC, said in an exclusive interview with CGTN's BizTalk that if the U.S.' hostility toward Chinese companies were to continue, the U.S.-listed Chinese companies have alternative options and can return to Hong Kong, Shanghai, and even London to list.


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