Shijiazhuang residents get food help as lockdowns continue
Updated 15:17, 11-Jan-2021
Cen Ziyuan

Community management is making sure residents have access to fresh food in residential areas and villages closed off to contain a COVID-19 outbreak in Shijiazhuang City, north China's Hebei Province.

Residents in the locked-down communities could only rely on community workers and property management staff to deliver necessities, which were limited in variety and quantity, for several days. But now they can make their own purchases again, either via online delivery from Sunday or from fresh food trucks that come to their neighborhoods.

Liu Wenjing, director of Huaxi Road Subdistrict Office, has been running around the community and buying goods for the residents.

"Since yesterday, I've been using my own car to deliver buns to residents," Liu said on Friday. "From ordering them to purchasing them, this is my third trip to the shops."

The local government has required residents to stay at home for seven more days, and the city will run through another round of testing.

According to officials in charge of the Huaxi Road community, most of the food supplies are sent from wholesale markets.

Wang Lin, manager of the Fantasy Time Residential Building, said they have been reaching out to source more supplies for their residents.

"We reached out to the local government for help, especially with the supply of fresh products," said Wang, adding that "we were also able to find nearby stores willing to sell us fresh products."

District officials get in contact with vendors who are able to purchase supplies. They repackage everything into bags, each with different kinds of vegetables.

Many residents were worried before, but now are relieved that the city is well prepared for the outbreak.

Pan, a resident who came to buy fresh products, said he is confident of getting through the difficult time. 

"I feel people are aware of the pandemic and actively executing preventive measures," he said. "People have been under such measures, or mentally prepared for a situation like this, for quite some time."

Residents seeking to stock up on food during the lockdowns can get help from community management, who will bring paid-for food to them.

The government has said food prices will not rise, adding that home is the safest place to be.

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