COVID-19 in China: One individual infects over 100 in Jilin; Beijing tests everyone in Daxing District

The Chinese mainland on Tuesday recorded 103 new COVID-19 cases – 88 local transmissions and 15 from overseas, the National Health Commission said on Wednesday, adding a total of 58 new asymptomatic COVID-19 cases were recorded, while 819 asymptomatic patients remain under medical observation.

Among the domestically infected cases, 46 were reported in the northeastern province of Jilin, 19 in the northern province of Hebei, 16 in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang and seven in Beijing.

Jilin: One individual infects 102 people

According to Zhang Yan, vice director of the Health Commission of Jilin Province, as of 9 a.m. Wednesday, Jilin recorded a total of 133 confirmed cases and 57 asymptomatic cases. And 83.45 percent of recently reported new confirmed cases were previously asymptomatic cases.

Following an investigation, they found that many cases could be traced back to a person coming from Heilongjiang Province. The person, a marketer who transferred between Jilin and Heilongjiang many times, conducted four promotions in enclosed spaces from January 6 to 11 in Jilin. And most of his clients were elders, said Zhang.

Authorities said that over 145 people attended the promotions; at least 102 of those infected could be traced back to this individual. Authorities also said the number could continue to rise.

Among the confirmed cases, over 60 percent are over 60 years old, with the eldest being 92 years, said authorities.

Residents queue in the snow for a nucleic acid test in Tonghua City, northeastern China's Jilin Province, January 16, 2021. /CFP

Residents queue in the snow for a nucleic acid test in Tonghua City, northeastern China's Jilin Province, January 16, 2021. /CFP

Beijing: Daxing District tests all residents

Beijing reported seven locally transmitted COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, including six from Daxing District and one from Shunyi District, local health authorities said on Wednesday. 

Daxing District is testing all residents in the region for COVID-19, and they're prohibited from leaving Beijing without approval.

The district had collected 606,503 nucleic acid test samples as of 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday; over 366,800 of the samples have tested negative, with the remainder of the results still pending, according to authorities. 

All public places in Daxing's Tiangongyuan Street, where the six new local cases were reported, have been closed amid the outbreak.

The Beijing Health Commission said they've vaccinated 50,300 postal delivery workers and 16,400 food delivery workers in the city. So far, over 1.8 million high-risk populations have been vaccinated for COVID-19. 


Hebei: Five regions in Shijiazhuang raise their risk level 

Five low-risk regions in Shijiazhuang have been listed as middle-risk regions, increasing the total number of middle-risk regions to 39, according to the State Council. 

So for, there are four high-risk regions and 65 middle-risk regions across China, with three high-risk regions in Shijiazhuang.

Hebei Province has opened a hotline for the public to provide free psychological counseling service. And a 24-hour hotline for stranded college students has also been opened to provide food and accommodation.

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Heilongjiang: Capital city closes indoor recreational facilities

Cafes, bars, ballrooms, KTV, cinemas, bath and massage centers, as well as indoor gyms, educational training institutes and religious sites across Harbin, the capital city of Heilongjiang are currently closed to contain the flare-up of the coronavirus, Harbin authorities announced Tuesday.

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