Ethnic cultural gems in Hainan: Bamboo Dance

Rhythmic sounds and agile dance moves, the Bamboo Dance of the Li ethnic group is quite a lot of fun to watch that often stirs up spectators' interest in joining the dance. It's one of the most popular dance forms among the ethnic minority who reside primarily in the southern tropical paradise of Hainan Province.

Originally, the Bamboo Dance, derived from the Li people's funeral customs, was performed to worship their ancestors. Nowadays, it has evolved into a performing art and an entertainment activity for all. It also plays a part in social dancing, where young men and women establish friendship and even develop romantic love through dancing.

Teamwork is the key in the dance that consists of bamboo pole holders and jumpers. Facing each other in pairs, bamboo pole holders move the poles rhythmically to the music, whereas jumpers, also in pairs, hop between the poles while making various dance movements.

Today, the joyful dance has become one of the major tourist attractions in the province that draws tourists from home and abroad.

(Cover image designed by Yu Peng)

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