Residents around US Fort Detrick biolab keep silence about suspected COVID-19 outbreak
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July 2019, an unknown respiratory illness outbreak happened in Virginia, U.S. patients' symptoms included fever, cough, body ache, wheezing, and general weakness, according to ABC News. The disease sickened dozens of residents and killed at least two people at Greenspring Retirement Community in Springfield. An expert said it was less likely for a respiratory outbreak to happen in July than in the winter.

One month later, the deadly germs research lab was shut down in a U.S. Army biological laboratory in Fort Detrick, one hour's drive from the Greenspring Community.

Speculation over COVID-19's origin continues to grow, with some people demanding that the U.S. government disclose more information on the lab's closure that may be connected to the outbreak.

However, the Centers for Disease Control(CDC)could not provide more specific details due to "national security reasons," the New York Times reported.

Is there any relationship between the Greenspring Community and the Fort Detrick?A stringer from the U.S. went to the two locations to find more.

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