Zhang Weili to Mike Tyson: You know nothing about MMA
Updated 18:58, 03-Apr-2021
Liu Jiaqi

China's UFC strawweight champion Zhang Weili spoke to CGTN in Beijing on March 23 about her upcoming clash with former champion Rose Namajunas, days after former professional boxer Mike Tyson made comments about the showdown.

Zhang will fight Namajunas at UFC 261 in Jacksonville, Florida, on April 24. 

Speaking alongside UFC President Dana White in a Hotboxin podcast on March 9, Mike Tyson seemed to caution Zhang, saying, "She destroys you." 

But Zhang is not having it. Addressing the matter with CGTN, Zhang said, "Tyson has no right to comment because he knows nothing about MMA. He knows nothing about me." 

"I will not be affected, but do my best instead, and I suggest Tyson try MMA (mixed martial arts) himself," Zhang said.

Commenting on her opponent Namajunas, Zhang said she has been preparing "specifically for her skill set."

"She has great footwork and boxing skills. I have prepared specifically for her skill set," she said. "I will check my arsenal and pick the suitable weapon to play against her. I know that anything could happen."

Zhang, who is 30, believes China is a great market for UFC's overseas expansion and expressed her hope that more and more Chinese people will watch and try MMA. She said she would also like to see a "UFC Chinese Derby" in the near future.

When asked what she would want to say to supporters before setting off, Zhang said, "No matter what difficulties you encounter, you must overcome them instead of trying to escape them."

"One's potential is limitless," she said. "We must stimulate it and chase our dream."

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