One year on, how are medics in Wuhan now?
By Li Jingjing

From the first day the lockdown was put in place in January 2020 to the day the last patient was fully recovered and discharged in May, Huang Yanzhu, chief nurse at Wuhan Tongji Hospital, didn't stop working for even one day. 

Like thousands of medics from Wuhan, she was among those who worked the hardest and longest. 

Last year I spent months at Tongji Hospital documenting how doctors and nurses were saving severely ill COVID-19 patients. For example, this documentary Inside an ICU: How doctors pull critically ill patients back from the brink of death was one of the videos I made at this hospital. Huang helped me get familiar with the hospital - which was transformed into a specialized hospital to treat only COVID 19 patients. 

After witnessing how difficult medics' work was during the outbreak, I wonder how do they see their job now? Do they still want to be a medic after surviving such a deadly outbreak?

In March, I went back to Wuhan and revisited that hospital.

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