Hurry! Registration for CGTN Media Challengers to close on June 10
Updated 21:09, 14-May-2021

Do you dream of working in the media and traveling around the world but are frustrated by lack of opportunities?

A new talent campaign is providing a platform for anyone with a knack for the art! There's a new route to media stardom for aspiring reporters, podcasters, presenters and influencers: The Media Challengers.

The landmark campaign organized by CGTN throws open the doors to hopeful talents – no matter where you live and what your experience is, anyone aged 18 and over is eligible to apply for the campaign that could lead to a job behind the microphone. The registration for the event will close on June 10.

"It is a diverse stage, it is an inclusive stage, I would say it is the stage where my dream came true," Wang Guan, a former Washington correspondent and now a star anchor based in Beijing, said at the April 8 campaign launch.

The Media Challengers is open to everyone with the ambition to flaunt their talent. Submitting a three-minute video showcasing their skills will put them in front of an expert panel. Various challenges, including livestreaming auditions, will follow.

Participants are encouraged to share their videos with the world before registering. Charisma and engagement on social media are important when choosing between top candidates. For those who stand out from the crowd, huge opportunities lie ahead.

Shortlisted entrants will receive professional media training and a shot of landing a job at CGTN bureaus across the world, and the best entrant will win a $10,000 prize.

At the livestreamed launch event, reporters, hosts and influencers shared their stories – from interviewing world leaders to visiting places they could only dream of.

"The best of it is you get to meet all these great people from different walks of life," Icon host Ji Xiaojun said at the campaign launch, adding, "and they all have great stories to share."

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