Peacock butterfly: Colorful butterfly with distinctive eyelike spots

Peacock butterfly is found in Europe and Asia. It has colorful wings and bears a distinctive eyelike spot on each wingtip. The brilliant colored spots are meant to scare the predators such as blue tits and other small passerine birds. Researches have shown that when a peacock butterfly displays its eyelike spots, its predators hesitate to attack and some even flee before attacking. Compared with the butterflies who can only blend into their environment by mimicking, peacock butterflies have much greater chance of surviving thanks to their large and distinctive spots. 

Currently, the population of peacock butterflies is stable and the butterfly is designated as "least concern" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Here are some photos of this pretty butterfly. 

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The butterfly is one of the most beautiful insects, known as "flying flower" and the "beauty of the insect kingdom." Butterflies play a key role in the food chain as both prey and predator. In addition, butterflies are particularly effective at indicating subtle ecosystem changes because their short lifespan allows them to respond quickly to these changes. 

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