Explore the mirror of the sky in NW China
Updated 10:58, 19-Jun-2021

Do you know China has its own "mirror of the sky" in the northwestern Qinghai Province? The Chaka salt lake in Wulan County is a picturesque lake sitting at an altitude of 3,100 meters. In Tibetan, "chaka" means "salt lake." The lake has been one of the major sources of the salt that residents have extracted since the Western Han period (202 BC–25 AD). 

Now, the lake has changed into a popular tourist site that boosts the local economy. In 2019 alone, Wulan recorded 3.3 billion yuan (nearly $483 million) in tourism revenue. Residents are benefiting from developing a homestay industry, linked to tourist attractions, that has helped to lift them out of poverty.

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Spectacular scenery at China's largest inland saltwater lake

(All photos taken by CGTN's Zhao Ying)

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