Revival in the Mountains | Episode 2: Loyalty of a forest ranger
Updated 13:32, 01-Jul-2021

Dawan Village was one of the most impoverished places in east China's Anhui Province back in 2014, with many villagers living in houses of clay and straw without water and power systems.

Changes started after Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the villager during an inspection tour back in April 2016. Now, the clay houses have been replaced by modern residential communities with electric appliances and gardens. 

Like many other villagers, Chen Zeping and his family moved into a two-story house with electricity, tap water and flush toilets. Besides farming work, he also got a new job as a local forest ranger. Watch the video to see his story.

Revival in the Mountains:

Revival in the Mountains | Episode 1: Bamboo and prosperity

(Cover photo via screenshot. Video filmed and edited by CGTN Nature's filming crew.)

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