Newborn Bengal tiger fed special milk for cats in Nicaragua

A Bengal tiger cub is being cared for by humans at Nicaragua's National Zoo after its mother was unable to produce milk. The tiger, born on Saturday, is the fourth of its kind to be born at the National Zoo in Masaya. The 4-day-old baby, who does not have a name yet, is being fed a special type of milk for cats.

Bengal tigers are listed on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature's Red List of Threatened Species as endangered. "We're taking care of her so that she survives," said the zoo's director Eduardo Sacasa. "This is a difficult period for her because she did not get any colostrum for her natural defenses."  

Cub's mother Dalila had given birth to a female white tiger cub called Nieve, or snow, in December, but that baby died of respiratory problems only two weeks later despite the special care given by the zoo. 

Nicaragua's National Zoo has two other female tigers that have also given births. Sacasa said the births give him hope the zoo can be a kind of "genetic center" in protecting the species.

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