Exclusive with Ahmad Wali Massoud on Humanitarian Situation
World Insight with Tian Wei

The United Nations convenes an international aid conference in Geneva to help shore up much-needed aid for Afghanistan on Sep. 13. The UN called for more than $600 million in emergency funds to help tide over vulnerable Afghans facing famine and violence. After the Taliban announced the caretaker government last week, the top UN envoy to Afghanistan did appeal for uninterrupted aid to ease the dire humanitarian situation. Food and jobs are harder to come by for many Afghans, forcing millions to seek refuge within and outside the nation's borders. For its part, China has pledged some 31 million dollars -- that's 200 million yuan -- worth of grain, winter supplies and vaccines to Afghanistan. Neighboring Pakistan has sent oil and other supplies to Kabul while Russia plans to ship food and medicine. What more can the international community do to help Afghanistan? Could the UN call for more aid be answered? 

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